This is the bell tower of a cathedral in Dubrovnik, which lies at the Southern terminus of Dalmatia, near Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Greece. Upon the hour the little bronze fellow strikes his bronze hammer upon the bell. Dubrovnik has been declared a World Heritage site by the UN; and deservedly so. Split, a ways to the North, has also received such designation.

Those traveling to Europe who wish to avoid the cattle drive tourism scene would do themselves a favor by visiting Dalmatia and some of the 1000 islands that lie off its coast. On the island of Hvar, where lavender is grown and its aroma is pervasive, exists the oldest heater in Europe, built in Shakespeare’s time. The island of Brac contains a quarry of very white stone that has been used in the White House and the UN headquarters. On Korcula you can find Marco Polo’s home. And everywhere you go you will find very intricately carved stone building components, headstones, gargoyles, angels, and monuments. In Split you will find a 40 foot bronze statue of Bishop Gregor, whose big toe has been polished, in hopes of good fortune, by the touches of those passing by.
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