Thank You East Grays Harbor

It was September, 1983 when I began my career in municipal administration by signing a contract with the City of McCleary to provide its building and land use code administration and enforcement services. The following Summer I was contacted by the City of Elma and in July of 1984 entered into a contract to also provide such services to Elma and in October 1984 entered into a similar contract with Montesano.

For two pretty frantic years I worked as a freelance bureaucrat for all three cities. Which meant that, each month, I attended six city council meetings, 3 planning commission two boards of adjustment, and various other evening meetings. It was frantic, but I learned a lot.

Over the years I have had the pleasure of learning just about every aspect of local government administration because the residents of Elma, McCleary and Montesano have employed me for about 16 of my 28 years living in the Middle Satsop valley.

To the residents of East Grays Harbor I wish to say that I am very grateful for the employment you have given me over these many years; which, ultimately, has enabled me to pack in the working world while still young enough to enjoy my geezerhood.

My plan (and my plans, except the leaving part, are always subject to change) is to leave the area at the end of September; fly to Merida, Mexico, located near the North coast of the Yucatan Peninsula; rent an apartment; explore Mayan ruins and beach towns; and decide whether I might want to stay for awhile.


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