The Perfect Picture

Before leaving for Cuba, on my first trip back since 1970, I told Bill, one of my traveling companions who looks like Hemingway and whom we called Hemingway throughout our trip, that a perfect picture of our trip would be that of an old woman smoking a cigar.

Bill and I were sitting on a bench in the main Santiago plaza when up walked the perfect picture. Her cigar is most definitely no prop.

Did you know that the U.S. government permits huge agricultural corporations to sell products to Cuba while the State Department Office of Foreign Asset Control devotes greatly more staff to pursuing those traveling to Cuba than it does to investigating terrorist financing networks? Posted by Hello



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4 responses to “The Perfect Picture

  1. Anonymous

    After visiting Cuba in 2003 with none other than Christoble, it didnt take me long to realize who the bad guys are.

  2. You Know Me

    That’s Cristobal. So there will be no misunderstanding, the “bad guys” are not the Cuban people or their government.

  3. Anonymous

    Our Government would not want the average US Citizen knowing the truth about the Cuban people and the beauty of the country.

  4. life long harborite


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