London Bombings and Police Shooting

The London police shooting of an innocent “suspect” in the head at point blank range, after wrestling him to the ground, it seems to me, has provided a greater victory for the transit bombers than was provided by the bombings themselves. After all Britons now face summary execution at the hands of plain clothed police authorized to shoot to kill “suspected” suicide bombers; and the British government has announced proposed measures that will erode British civil liberties, some with their roots in the Magna Carta.

A couple of years ago, the London police have confirmed, the police agency changed its policy to authorize police officers pursuing suspected suicide bombers to use their discretion to shoot the suspect in the head (they don’t want to shoot a suspected suicide bomber in the body for he or she may be laden with explosives.)

So the effects of the terror unleashed by the bombers has been multiplied by the British police and government.


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