Sunday was the first day on the air for Telesur, a satellite TV network that broadcasts throughout Latin America. The network is a creation of the governments of Venezuela, the largest shareholder; Cuba; Uruguay; and Brazil and is intended to provide an alternative to the U. S. and European owned satellite networks that now broadcast to Latin America. Brazil created TV Brasil Internacional for similar purposes.

It seems to me that the more sources of information available to any given population, the better. The U. S. government doesn’t agree.

Representative Connie Mack (R-FL) introduced legislation, adopted by Congress, which would establish a TV network to be broadcast to Venezuela, a la the broadcasts that for years have been aimed at Cuba. So U. S. taxpayer money will be used to broadcast a signal that Venezuela may easily jamb, just as has Cuba.

As sovereign nations, the developers of Telesur have an absolute right to establish a broadcasting network; but a nation’s sovereign status is inconsequential to the U. S. power elite. After all, since promulgation of the Monroe Doctrine the U. S. government has treated all Latin American nations as possessions of the U. S.; and, in fact, has either militarily invaded or unleashed covert destabilization efforts in almost every country in Latin American and the Caribbean, some multiple times.


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