More Cost of Living Info

Wednesday afternoon I arranged for cable TV and 192 Kbps internet service. I had to take the TV service to get the internet service so I selected the least expensive TV package, which consists of 5 music channels and 21 TV channels at $9.25 per month (as a matter of principle, and jokingly, I asked it they could delete Fox.) The monthly internet service charge is $24.45 U.S. The CableMas office is about a six block walk, the process took about 15 minutes, the services were installed today at 11 AM. The total cost of the installation, including the modem deposit, amounted to $56.75 U.S.

The woman who arranged everything was very efficient and very patient with my Spanish. She laughed when I asked that she please excuse my insufficient Spanish and responded “no problema.” The two fellows that installed the service were also very pleasant and efficient.



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2 responses to “More Cost of Living Info

  1. moonrock

    looks fabulous…….i can’t wait to visit

  2. You Know Me

    When might I look forward to your visit?

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