For those of you who have written asking about the effects of hurricane Wilma on Merida, I can report that at this time, 4:20 PM CST, Wilma’s eye is over Cozumel on the East coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. The weather here today has been partly cloudy, with a couple of showers; and a bit breezy, though nothing out of the ordinary.

The forecast is indicating thunderstorms for today, though none have occurred, and rain through Sunday.

So, as of yet, there have been no effects.

6:00 PM local time – it has started raining heavily and has become quite blustery.

6:30 PM – the rain and bluster has stopped

11:00 PM – still no storm to speak of. A bit breezy, and that’s it.

3:30 AM – still no storm. Still only a bit breezy.

7:30 AM – gusting winds and rain. Nothing serious.

9:30 AM – no wind, no rain. Cloudy and normal breeze.

3:00 PM – sunny and breezy.

7:30 AM Sunday – a bit breezy and occasional showers during the night. This morning a heavy cloud layer but no wind or rain.


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