I finally made it to Progreso, a city of about 40,000 about 20 miles North of Merida on the Gulf coast. I must say I was underwhelmed.

The air-conditioned bus ride from Merida took about an hour each way and cost 21 pesos, or $2 US, roundtrip.

The picture shows the pier, at 5 mile long purportedly the longest in the world. The picture also shows the very nice, white sandy beach and the paving stone walkway, called the Malecon, that extends some sixteen blocks and it lined the entire way by a concrete bench.

Yesterday, as it turned out was not a good day to visit, as there were two cruise ships docked and herds of tourists through the approximately 9 square block tourist area.

During my next visit I will explore the coastal villages to the West.

There’s not much else to report from here, other than I walked today to the Central Market which I visit a few times each week just for entertainment. I bought a maddox which represents a hug technological advance in my gardening pursuits. and came home and excavated the rocks, and there are many, from a 25 square foot patch.

Hasta luego.
Gringo Loco


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