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A Milestone

Tonight on my way back to the apartment from my evening walk, to the Independence Plaza, I was hailed by some folks in a car who, in Spanish, asked me directions and I was actually able to give them directions, also in Spanish. I strutted the rest of the way home.

Also today, my landlord, Sr. Monsreal, gave me my first electric bill which came to $105. pesos for 149 Kwh of usage. The bill was for the period of mid-September through mid-November, so I wasn’t here for 15 days of the billing period. None-the-less $105. pesos is about $10. in U. S. dollars. The electric utility is publicly owned and in the month and one half I’ve been here there has been only one outage that lasted only a couple hours one morning.

This morning I walked to the Municipal Market and bought some seeds for a larger variety of tomatoes than the Roma type tomato plants I’ve already started and onion seeds. I also picked up three heads of garlic, the cloves of which I planted in the garden this afternoon. I can also report that the mango and papaya trees I transplanted are doing well after a brief period of transplant shock.

Life is rough.



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Canadian lawyer Paul Bigioni has produced an interesting article on the relationship of the subjugation of the state to powerful economic interests, deregulation of markets, concentration of capital and fascism. Mr. Bigioni is working on a book on the subject. The article draws parallels between what is now occurring in Western economies and politics and those which facilitated the rise of fascism in Italy and Germany.

What Mr. Bigioni has to say rings very true to me and is very alarming.

Read the article here.

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Iraqi Death Squads an Explicit Product of U. S. Policy

You have probably read or heard about the Shiite Iraqi death squads that some reports indicate are affiliated with the Iraqi police. Well it appears as though the death squads are a product of U. S. policy.

One of her readers reminds Laura Rozen, at “War and Piece”, of a January Newsweek report.

The El Salvadoran death squads during the Reagan years were the product of the same bunch of depraved crooks that populate the Bush administration. My life will be complete when the whole bunch is brought to account, of course that will never occur.

Read the War and Piece report here

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Commander in Fact Dick Cheney Should be in Prison

The Associated PressMonday, November 28, 2005; 6:50 PM
WASHINGTON — A top aide to former Secretary of State Colin Powell said Monday that wrongheaded ideas for the handling of foreign detainees arose from White House and Pentagon officials who argued that “the president of the United States is all-powerful” and the Geneva Conventions irrelevant.

In an Associated Press interview, former Powell chief of staff Lawrence Wilkerson also said President Bush was “too aloof, too distant from the details” of postwar planning. Underlings exploited Bush’s detachment and made poor decisions, Wilkerson said.

Wilkerson blamed Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and like-minded aides. He said Cheney must have sincerely believed that Iraq could be a spawning ground for new terror assaults, because “otherwise I have to declare him a moron, an idiot or a nefarious bastard.”

[You Know Me: All evidence clearly indicates that Cheney falls into the “nefarious bastard” category.]

On the question of detainees picked up in Afghanistan and other fronts in the war on terror, Wilkerson said Bush heard two sides of an impassioned argument within his administration. Abuse of prisoners, and even the deaths of some who had been interrogated in Afghanistan and elsewhere, have bruised the U.S. image abroad and undermined support for the Iraq war.

Cheney’s office, Rumsfeld aides and others argued “that the president of the United States is all-powerful, that as commander in chief the president of the United States can do anything he damn well pleases,” Wilkerson said.”

Read the AP story here.

Wilkerson is, you will remember, is no radical left winger. He is a retired Colonel and long-time aide to Colin Powell. He clearly indicates that Cheney is running the show and is very angry at Cheney’s misdeeds.

Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Feith, Libby, Rhodes, Hadley, Rice, Powell, Perle, Gingrich, and a whole host of other Bush administration officials should be in prison for their multiple crimes against humanity and the U. S. Constitution. Bush should be impeached and removed from office for a violation of oath of office to uphold the Constitution, which he has clearly failed to do in allowing the violations of the Geneva Conventions.


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Obstruction of Justice and Perjury Charges for Rove?

It looks likely that Rove will be charged with perjury and obstruction of justice. Rove’s personal assistant, Susan Ralston, apparently lied to the Fitzgerald inquiry, was caught in her lie by investigators, was called back for further testimony, and fessed up that Rove had instructed her to not log the call from Time magazine reporter Mathew Cooper.

Additionally, Rove has “withheld crucial facts” from investigators on three occasions.

It couldn’t happen to a more deserving individual. I just hope Ralston is indicted as well.

Read the “Raw Story” report here


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Immigrant Agricultural Labor

Let’s see. We in the U. S. like cheap food, almost all of us refuse to work in the agricultural industry, there are hoards of folks in other countries that are happy to work in our agricultural industry, and we refuse to let them into our country so they can do such work. That makes about as much sense as many of the other things that go on in the U. S.

Read the Washington Post report here.

I will spare you my rant on the dumb asses and demagogic politicians who deride the immigrants who come here to fulfill a labor demand which U. S. citizens refuse to fulfill.

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This Evening in the Back Yard

This evening as I was in the back yard to water a couple of cantaloupe sprouts, from seeds I planted to replace a cantaloupe plant the had “dampened off”, Ignacio, a neighbor from across the back yard wall, whom I had not heretofore met, was standing on the back terrace of his home. We struck up a conversation about my gardening project and he soon asked if I wanted a papaya tree start. Of course I answered “yes”, he left, and soon returned with a small papaya tree. Then he asked if I wanted an orange tree, which of course I did. He left and soon returned with a small orange tree; but, from I was able to understand, it is of the sour variety grown here abouts. He also brought me starts of two different herbs, of what type I’m afraid I don’t know but which are apparently used for flavoring beans.

As the conversation progressed I went and got a bottle of rum I had in the house and we sat, drank, and talked; he on the wall and me in the back yard. At one point my neighbor, Joel, came out to get his dog, Rusty, and announced that he was going to see a movie. Joel seemed to indicate, without getting specific, that I really shouldn’t be talking to Ignacio. Ignacio, I must admit, does seem a bit off balance, as they say; but we had a good conversation none-the-less. Besides, I’m certainly not in a position to criticize anyone for being of balance.

At any rate I ended up with a papaya tree start. I also have a mango tree start growing from seed at the base of the mango tree in the back yard. Papaya has become a daily component of my breakfast and I look forward to the mangoes, that apparently ripen in May and June.

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