New York Mayor Bloomberg

Spent $80 – $100 million to get reelected mayor.

That’s unbelievable, even though the guy is a billionaire.



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2 responses to “New York Mayor Bloomberg

  1. Anonymous

    Corzine spent about the same amount of his own money to get elected Governor of N. Jersey.

    Gov. Mark Warner in Virginia uses his own money too. He made his money by buying some kind of wireless licenses cheap in the 80s sometime. Then he ran for Senate against John Warner and lost, then put more money down to run (successfully) for Governor–overspending his Republican opponent two to one.
    He’s just finishing his five year single term (that’s all they’re allowed) with 80% approval ratings! (That’s not an exaggeration.) Now he’s thinking of running for President.

  2. You Know Me

    Government of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich. As someone said, “the best government money can buy.”

    I hope governor elect Kaine, of Virginia, sends Bush a thank you note for his last minute campaigning for Kilgore.

    The fact that Bush is dead meat and is “radioactive” is little comfort since we’re stuck with him, and his band of crooks, for 3 more years, thanks to the dumb asses comprising 50% the electorate.

    What really bothers me is that all of the nefarious Bush administration stuff that is now hitting the corporate media has been all over the blogosphere for years. I’m no smarter than the next person, but I read in blogs that the Dept. of Energy experts said the aluminum tube bull crap was just that at the same time Cheney and Rice et al were passing it around. I had read in blogs that Chalabi was a scam artist, had been declared unreliable by the CIA, and that he was a convicted embezzler at the same time Judith Miller was publishing his crap. I read in the blogs that the British had said the mobile WMD labs were for filling weather balloons at the same time Powell was declaring them to be WMD labs.

    What’s encouraging, though, is that the corporate media is becoming increasingly irrelevant.

    Sorry for the rant, but I just can’t help myself.

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