The Vegetable Starts Have Outgrown the Nursery

One of my favorite correspondents suggested that I should be keeping a log and publish it when I reach 100 years. Another of my favorite correspondents observed that I haven’t posted much personal information here.

Aside from the fact that my liver and lungs are likely to fail long before I reach 100, my daily log would be very dull. My life is relaxing, peaceful, and busy; but not very exciting, thus the lack of posts containing personal information.

Here is what I suggested to my correspondent what my daily log would report:

I arose at about 6:00; turned the hot water heater on; put water on the stove for coffee; began reading the blogs I regularly visit; drank two to three cups of coffee and smoked a Mexican cigarette while reading the news; showered; prepared and ate a breakfast of watermelon, cantaloupe, papaya, banana, mandarins, and often homemade bread and eggs; worked on my gardening project; showered again; walked up town for a bit of shopping; returned home; had a fruit juice and tequila or two while lying around during the mid-day heat; worked again on my gardening project; prepared and ate a couple of burritos with refried beans, tomatoes, onions, carrots, habaneras, and avocado; hung out, watched a bit of TV while reading through the news blogs again; and went to bed about 9:00. About once a week would be an entry about my bus trip and visit to another place.

I am, however, deriving great pleasure, not to mention exercise and a good tan, from my gardening project. The picture here is of the watermelon, cantaloupe, tomato, and habanera plants which outgrew the medicine cabinet nursery where I planted the seed. I want them to grow a bit larger and heartier before I plant them in the garden so they will have a better chance of withstanding the cats, lizards, and Rusty, my next door neighbor’s dog.


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