Tiendas Chedraui

I’m so relieved, one more source of anxiety has been removed from my life. I will never again have to visit Walmart.

My new neighbors Laura and Jeff, from Canada, informed me during our dinner party Sunday evening that one block down from Walmart is a Tiendas Chedraui, essentially the Mexican version of Walmart.

Chedraui has lasagna pasta; and just about everything else imaginable, automotive supplies, clothes, food, tires, electronics and household supplies and equipment. It does not have quite the selection of electronic equipment as has Walmart; but, otherwise, its selection is comparable. I was even able to buy some organic fertilizer made from lamb manure. Hot shit. What could be better?

And I can inform my gran amigo, Life Long Harborite, that Chedraui has a 40 kilo bag of dog food for the equivalent of $13.75 U.S. I’m sorry, but I didn’t check its price of toilet paper.



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4 responses to “Tiendas Chedraui

  1. Anonymous

    We went to the branch in downtown Xalapa, Veracruz, when we stayed there a couple years ago. It was smaller than a Walmoart, but had lots of fresh produce as well as hopushold and automotive goods, clothing, etc. etc. etc.

  2. You Know Me

    My neighbor, Joel, tells me its prices are lower than Walmart’s.

  3. Anonymous

    That would be pretty low. But of course Mexico’s like that. That’s why retirees go there.

  4. Richard Montoya

    Had the good fortune to visit the store in Morelia on the way back to Patzcuaro from the airport. Prices are indeed lower and there is a large selection. I guess that my only problem with it is that I don’t live close to the store and that it is located in a very heavily traffic congested area. So I’ll probably return if I am in the area but the convenince of Walmart work better for me.
    Richard Montoya
    Patzcuaro, Michoacan

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