I Love Mexico

I Love Mexico

You know how at the grocery store there are people standing in the various aisles offering free samples of products? Well it’s the same here.

Today I went to Tiendas Chedraui to get another bag of lamb manure fertilizer for the garden and was approached by a woman asking if I would like a sample of Swedish Vodka in Pineapple juice. Of course, being the polite type, I felt obligated.

Considering the fact that I already had bottles of Mexican Cabernet Sauvignon and tequila in my cart I promised the young woman that on my next trip to the store I would be sure to pick up a bottle of the vodka, which sells for $112. pesos, about $10.70 U. S., for 750 milliliters, just shy of a U. S. fifth.



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2 responses to “I Love Mexico

  1. life long harborite

    You are such a good shopper!

  2. You Know Me

    I’m trying to be sure I comsume all of the essential food groups each day, including Mexican cigarettes and tequila.

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