Mushrooms are sprouting in the compost pile, speci…

Mushrooms are sprouting in the compost pile, specifically on the palm frond leaves.

They are a bit yong for identification but have veils, volvas at the stem bases, and scales on the caps.



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7 responses to “Mushrooms are sprouting in the compost pile, speci…

  1. Anonymous

    Beautiful. But you need to provide some kind of object to show the scale.

    By the way, CNN says the DOD Inspector General is investigating Doug Feith’s distrotion of intelligence. That should start cracking things open. Here:

  2. Anonymous

    Whoops! Sorry, I should have known you already had that.


  3. You Know Me

    I will get right on your scale request. The heavy rain last night, I noticed this morning while adding my morning kitchen scraps, puddled on the compost pile plastic cover and laid the largest sprout over. Since you’re interested I’ll post regular updates on the progress of the mushrooms’ growth.

  4. Anonymous

    If I were you I’d grow orchids and staghorn ferns, too. But most of them aren’t edible. (Vanilla beans are really orchid pseudobulbs–modified stalks that carry the floor and hold nutrients.)

  5. You Know Me

    I would really like to grow orchids but think I will wait until I decide if I wish to stay here and, if so, until I get my own place. From what I read orchids grow well in this area.

    By the way, in Saroa, Cuba, there is an estate with over 700 varieties of orchids that is open to the public and through which you are guided by someone who can tell you everything about every variety. There are also a wide variety of trees, vines, other vegetation, and a waterfall. It is a very special place.

  6. Anonymous

    We’ll put it on the list for our trip to Cuba one of these days.

  7. You Know Me

    I’ve been there in both May and December and December was much better in terms of blossoms. Oh, and if you go to Cuba go through Mexico, since the Mexican government refused to allow U. S. agents to post themselves in Mexican airports, unlike te Canadians and many Caribbean nations. If you do go, let me know and I’ll give you a great place to stay on the Malecon in Havana.

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