Raw Story Reports Hadley is Woodward’s Source

Jason Leopold and Larisa Alexandrovna, who have broke lots of correct reports of the Fitzgerald investigation, are reporting, at “Raw Story” that Steven Hadley, Director of National Security, is Woodward’’s source.

Hadley, a committed neofascist who, as you will recall was placed by Director of Transition, Dick (I favor torture, can’t help but lie, and could give a shit about the U. S. public as long as Haliburton and I are making a killing) Cheney as deputy to DNS Rice to make sure Condoleeza didn’t interfere with his presidential plans.

If Raw Story is correct, Libby’’s indictment for obstruction of justice must have caused Hadley to become nervous.

I ask again, is there no depth to the turpitude of this pack of self-anointed Straussian “philosophers” whose unrestrained hubris causes them to believe that they may forever get away with their ““noble lies”,” no matter how outrageous.

If you want to read about how these vermin think and operate, do a web search for Leo Strauss. Of course, everyone should go look at the documents at the Project for a New American Century site. PNAC is a nest of these Straussians. Look particularly for the 1998 letter to Clinton and who signed the letter. The Bush administration has been implementing the PNAC agenda, using Straussian means.

Read the Raw Story report here.



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5 responses to “Raw Story Reports Hadley is Woodward’s Source

  1. Anonymous

    Well, if you think it is Hadley, then you have to think Rice. That just about covers all of then.

    Puts Bush in a hard place since he said he would get rid of anyone in his administration who outed Plame.


  2. You Know Me

    Laura Rozen reports that Newsweek “suggests” Woodward’s source is Armitage.


  3. You Know Me

    Kevin Drum reports the Times of London says it’s Hadley.


    If it is Hadley I don’t think that fact necessarily implicates Rice. Remember Hadley, a committed neofascist ideologue, was installed as deputy to “Mother Hen” Rice by chief of transition, Dick (I support torture and can’t stop lying) Cheney. No doubt to ensure that Rice would not interfere with Cheney’s presidency in fact. Rice’s job has always been to act as one of our perpetually adolescent president’s surrogate mothers and to basically tell him what he wants to hear.

  4. Anonymous

    Whasted hour. I watched Woodward tonight on Larry King and thought for sure I would learn something. Anything – if nothing more than a hint from a facial expression – but nothing.

    Woodward claimed that the public gains by the tight lips because the information the press passes along (such as Watergate) is so valuable…….Bull! Woodward is going to pass along bad information on the Bush administartion at the same time he is trying to get interviews with Bush to write his latest book? I rather doubt it. …..It isn’t the same as Watergate despite what Woodward claims. This time instead of a secret source trying to reveal some mischief, the administartion is using the press to further their cause(s). I use to respect Woodward.


  5. You Know Me

    I get the impression from what I have read that Woodward is a regular on the D. C. cocktail party circuit and regularly hangs out with the D. C. movers and shakers. I think you’re right that he is an insider that is probably reluctant to bite the hands that feed him.

    The Washington Post ombudsman did a piece in which she said that Woodward basically does what he wants at the Post and, ostensibly, reports only to managing editor Downie. Of course we know how faithfully he reports to Downie. Yesterday it was reported that Woodward said he told Downie because he knew he “was going to be dragged into this.” So he only told Downie so he wouldn’t hear it from some else first.

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