"The Man Who Sold the War"

James Bamford, a best selling author, reports in the “Rolling Stone” on the “The Man Who Sold the War”. He reports that the Pentagon and CIA’s hiring of the Rendon Group to sell the world on the plan to conquer Iraq. And guess what? One of the chief media conduits for the sales job was none other than Judith Miller.

It’s a fascinating story and one that should alarm every American. What in the world are our government agencies doing hiring marketing firms for the purpose of lying to us? And it’s not just the Bush administration, the Rendon Group was hired during the Clinton presidency. It is, if I’m not mistaking, a specific violation of law for our government to produce propaganda.

Our political system has rotted to its core; and that rot is shared by those media, religious, labor, and political organizations, and they are very many, that have abetted the corruption of our political system.

Read the “Rolling Stone” story here. It should make you really mad.




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7 responses to “"The Man Who Sold the War"

  1. UR so right

    Brilliant observations, as always, but I have a small question.

    “Our political system has rotted to its core…” Who’s political system?

    Are you speaking of the U.S., Mexico, where? If the former, it’s shortcomings are well known, restating them is tiresome. Why concern yourself with a place you have forsaken?

    You seem very taken with our country. While I don’t recognize it myself, we are happy to accept your complements along with your money. In the mean time, indulge yourself.

    Every man likes the smell of his own farts.
    – Icelandic proverb

  2. You Know Me

    Aside from the fact that it is self-evident in what I wrote, I am, of course, speaking of the U. S. Being a U. S. citizen who has been in Mexico for less than two months I certainly would not presume to refer to it’s political system as “our”, particularly given my ignorance of such. And, as I have said before I think it would be presumptuous of me, a visitor, to comment on Mexican politics, though I welcome yours. I’m afraid that my Spanish is not yet good enough for me to get a competent understanding of Mexican newspapers so that I may gain a better understanding.

    The short comings of “our” political system are indeed well know, but to far fewer U. S. residents than you would probably imagine. I believe that at least half, and probably more, of U. S. voters are disinterested and uninformed.

    I have the luxury of being able to spend considerable time each day reading various news sources and political blogs and post what I do as I think it may be of interest to friends and family who follow the blog.

    Thanks for following the blog and for your comments. I am interested in more details of your opinions of the Mexican politics. What is it you dislike about Mexico and its politics? Do you think you would be more satisfied living within the U. S. system?

  3. UR so right


    I live in and work for my own land.

    The right time to dine is: for the rich man, when he is hungry; and for the poor, when he has something to eat.

  4. You Know Me

    For the time being I live and don’t work in your land. Having had good fortune in my life; having lived relatively frugally for a gringo; having been competent and reliable in my field of work I never wanted for work; and having worked for roughly 45 of my 56 years, whether carrying papers when I was 10 or in my latest work in municipal administration, I now need not work.

    While in your land I am pleased to give my money to the local shopkeepers with whom I trade, without haggling over prices; and even to Chedraui when I need sheep manure fertilizer for my gardening project. While here I try to always keep in mind that I am a visitor and to treat all with respect. I have purposely avoided introducing myself to the expatriate gringo community here, for if I wanted to hang out with other gringos I would not be here.

    I enjoy the fact that music is played almost everywhere here, that most folks are friendly here, that I don’t have to look at SUVs and huge pickups with “Support Our Troops” stickers, and that I otherwise don’t have to live within U. S. culture, be that as it is.

    Again, I’m interested in your opinions of Mexican politics, should you feel so moved.

  5. UR so right

    PoliSci Mex. 101:

    Calle 49 #516 x 62 y 64 Centro

    10:00 pm

  6. You Know Me

    Eso es solo cautro cuadras de me departmento. Que es alli?

  7. You Know Me


    I’m afraid you’re going to have to give me more information before I will show up. I see it’s a hotel but what gives?

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