Bush Wanted to Bomb al-Jazeera Headquarters

The British newspaper the Daily Mirror is reporting, based upon a “Downing Street memo” described as a “five-page transcript of a conversation between Bush and British Prime Minister” that Bush told Blair that he wanted to bomb the headquarters of the al-Jazeera news agency “in the business district of Doha, the capital of Qatar.”

Blair reportedly convinced Bush of what a terrible idea it was.

Read the report here.


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One response to “Bush Wanted to Bomb al-Jazeera Headquarters

  1. Anonymous

    I would believe anything of Bush. I’ve moved on to calling for the impeachment of the Cheney Administration. We saw a documenarty movie a year or so ago called Control Room. It followed the staff of Al Jazeera (which is HQed in Qatar, where the US troops massed before the Iraq war), as they tried to cover the first stages of the war. Rumsfeld routinesly called them “terrorists”, because they showed less than sanitized images of the war (like shots of civilian and US dead). Their mobile studio was hit by US fire early in the invasion, and one of their producers died.

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