Lettuce and Cantaloupe Close Ups



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3 responses to “Lettuce and Cantaloupe Close Ups

  1. Anonymous

    Both lettuce and melon are from store bought seed?

    And that’s the mountain soil that you bought from the street vendors?


  2. You Know Me

    Yes, all of the plants are from store bought seeds. The soil is the native soil I sifted to which I added coffee grounds that my neighbor Armando brought me from the coffee shop he frequents and the sheep manure fertilizer I buy in five kilo bags from Chedraui, the Mexican version of Walmart at which I can shop with a clear conscience.

    The sifted native soil is not bad but a bit on the granular side with not alot of organic matter. The soil I bought is still in the bags awaiting the transplanting of the tomatoes and habaneras.

    I’m still holding Microvision and plan to continue. It seems the company is making financial headway, little by little, and moving more products. Given my track record at picking individual stocks, other than Nextel, I’ve decided to stick to Vanguard mutual funds.

    I apologize for my misunderstanding relative to the profit issue.

  3. Anonymous

    Nextel is where Gov. Warner made his money in the 80s.

    I sold my 100 shares of MVIS a couple weeks ago when they got a letter from the NASDAQ saying they were on the verge of “delisting” for over diluting the shares (selling too many). I may or may not be okay but I don’t want to risk it.


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