This Evening in the Back Yard

This evening as I was in the back yard to water a couple of cantaloupe sprouts, from seeds I planted to replace a cantaloupe plant the had “dampened off”, Ignacio, a neighbor from across the back yard wall, whom I had not heretofore met, was standing on the back terrace of his home. We struck up a conversation about my gardening project and he soon asked if I wanted a papaya tree start. Of course I answered “yes”, he left, and soon returned with a small papaya tree. Then he asked if I wanted an orange tree, which of course I did. He left and soon returned with a small orange tree; but, from I was able to understand, it is of the sour variety grown here abouts. He also brought me starts of two different herbs, of what type I’m afraid I don’t know but which are apparently used for flavoring beans.

As the conversation progressed I went and got a bottle of rum I had in the house and we sat, drank, and talked; he on the wall and me in the back yard. At one point my neighbor, Joel, came out to get his dog, Rusty, and announced that he was going to see a movie. Joel seemed to indicate, without getting specific, that I really shouldn’t be talking to Ignacio. Ignacio, I must admit, does seem a bit off balance, as they say; but we had a good conversation none-the-less. Besides, I’m certainly not in a position to criticize anyone for being of balance.

At any rate I ended up with a papaya tree start. I also have a mango tree start growing from seed at the base of the mango tree in the back yard. Papaya has become a daily component of my breakfast and I look forward to the mangoes, that apparently ripen in May and June.


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