Merida English Library

Today I made my first visit to the Merida English Library, having read on its web site that each Saturday it has a book sale. Having long ago finished reading the books I brought with me I was looking for reading material. I picked up three used paperbacks for $10. pesos each. “Wild Card””, written by Jerome Preisler for the Tom Clancy ““Power Play”” series; ““Black Boy” by Richard Wright; and ““Love and War in the Apennines”, by Eric Newby, a true story of his evasion of the advancing German army after his release from an Italian prisoner of war camp in which was held for a year.

Additionally, yesterday Armando, my 88 year old Cuban-American neighbor, asked if I liked to read. I responded that I did and that I was looking for reading material, so he lent me two John LeCarre novels, ““The Russia House”” and ““The Little Drummer Girl.” ” I’m about a third of the way through “The Russia House” and can report that it’s holding my attention.

The Merida English Library has quite a collection, mostly paperbacks, offers memberships for $200. pesos per year, and hosts get togethers the first Friday of each month.

Note: Edited 12/4/05 to correct the title of the LeCarre novel to “The Russia House.” I had initially written “The Russian Room” and my error was pointed out by one of my two readers.



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2 responses to “Merida English Library

  1. Anonymous

    So I guess you’re reading in Spanish. The Le Carre book was called “Russia House” in English.


  2. You Know Me

    You are, of course, right. I have a habit of not remembering the titles of the books I am reading. I thought when posting that I should look to be sure but was lazy.

    I will, without objection I hope, make the correction.

    The book, by the way, has become quite tedious during the spooks’ interview of Barley. “Love and War in the Apennines” is more interesting, at least in the first 35 pages or so.

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