"How Bush Created a Theocracy in Iraq"

If you’re interested in reading a Juan Cole article how the U. S. actions in Iraq have created a Shiite theocracy, follow the link below. Juan Cole, if you don’t know, is a professor of history at the University of Michigan and is one of the nation’s leading Middle East Scholars.

It is ironic, and sickening, that after all of the U. S. attempts to deter theocratic regimes in the Middle East, from its deposition in 1953 of the legitimate government of Iran which ultimately precipitated the 1979 theocratic revolution to the Iraqi adventure, that the Iraqi invasion and its attempted subjugation has resulted in creation of a theocratic Iraq increasingly closely aligned with Iran.

Read Juan Cole’s article here.

Juan Cole’s web site.

Juan Coles’ Middle East Commentary – “Informed Comment”


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