Abolish the CIA

Read this Steve Clemons report of what the CIA is doing in the name of every citizen of the U. S. In summary the CIA kidnapped an innocent German citizen of Lebanese descent while he was vacationing in Macedonia, he was taken to Afghanistan where he was questioned while being roughed up, he was determined to be innocent but CIA director George Tenet ordered him held for another two months, then he was dumped, blindfolded, “in the deep forest, mountainous triangle area between Albania, Serbia and Macedonia. He had to walk out with no money, no identification.”

Do you think George Tenet or the CIA officials involved will ever be held to account for their illegal, inhuman acts? Fat chance.

Remember that our incurious, perpetually adolescent president presented Tenet with the Medal of Freedom for the great job he did in phoneying intelligence to justify the illegal invasion of Iraq.

Talk about rouge nations.

Read the Steve Clemons report here



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2 responses to “Abolish the CIA

  1. moonrock

    outrageous!!!! I wish there was a way to stop paying taxes…..

  2. You Know Me

    Indeed. And shameful, inhuman, illegal, and every other pejorative adjective ever invented.

    The ACLU, on behalf of El-Masri, has filed suit against Tenet, other CIA goons, and three corporations that supplied the aircraft. Let’s hope the federal courts allow the suit to proceed. Given, the Supreme Court’s rulings in other recent cases, I am skeptical.


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