Joe Lieberman’s Brown Nose

Now we know why Lieberman has been stuffing is nose further and further up George Bush’s ass.

Read why here.



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5 responses to “Joe Lieberman’s Brown Nose

  1. Anonymous

    Lieberman’s recent comments made no sense as they seemed to be so far from the consenses of Americans who are getting fed up with this war. This story would explain the thinking.

    More important to consider though is why Lieberman would want Rumeys job. Wouldn’t that be a death knell for his political career? Climb on the sinking ship as the rats are walking off the plank!


  2. You Know Me

    Maybe he wants to be in the position to lead the invasion of Syria and/or Iran, not that we have a military that is now capable of either adventure, thanks to the Cheny/Rumsfeld “Cabal”.

  3. Anonymous

    One of the early rationalizations for the war efforts by the blind followers was that …”guess other countries will take America serious NOW”.

    That argument, like every other one, has been crushed by reality. Iran, Korea, Cuba or Bolivia can do whatever they want – even build the bomb – because they know Americans would not stand for, nor could they deal with, yet another conflict.

    I see though that people in the military now can get cash rewards for signing up new recruits.


  4. Anonymous

    The powers of blogs; As I came away from the movie Syriana last night not having a clue as to what the word Syriana meant, I googled it this morning. The number one hit for “syriana meaning?” out of over 200,000, was a blog explanation. A second meaning a little further down referred to the meaning as a “wolfowitze wet dream” – a meaning all too clear. …….But back to the significance of blogs – who would have thought that the number one explanation is an obscure blog for an Iranian living in Canada. Wow!

    Keep up the great blog.


  5. You Know Me

    Thanks very much for your kind words. So long as folks like you continue to read it and provide their own intelligent commentary I will continue.

    Thanks again.

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