The "Free Market" in the U. S.

The New York Times article linked below describes how the “free market” system works in the U. S. Some businessperson makes a “campaign contribution”, read as legalized bribe, to a congressperson, in this case Joe Knollenberg of Michigan, and the dumb ass congressperson sponsors legislation that directs Amtrak to spend Congressionally appropriate funds that directly benefit the businessperson tendering the bribe. The dumb ass congressperson justifies the appropriation by asserting that it will be a good Amtrak business practice, as if he is more qualified to determine prudent Amtrak business practices than are the professional Amtrak managers.

Congressmen Cunningham and Ney will be spending time in jail for this type of corrupt practice, which unfortunately is the rule with Congress rather than the exception.

Read the NYT article here.


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