Check This Out

I unearthed this baby today while rooting around the back yard.

If anyone can identify it I will appreciate knowing what type it is. I estimate it is about two inches long, including its legs.

Update: The best I have so far been able to determine it is a Mexican Redrump Tarantula, but I’m still looking.



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3 responses to “Check This Out

  1. moonrock


    Wouldn’t want the creepn around at night…..

  2. You Know Me

    As soon as I unearthed the furry beast it took off running away from the disturbance. If it is in fact a Mexican Redrump, they live in burrows in the ground so I don’t think I’ll be encountering one in the house. Mexican Redrumps, according to what I’ve read, have been know to kill and eat birds, as have a number of other types of tarantulas.

  3. Ross

    I imagine that the Tarantulas in the tropical zones are much bigger than those here in Xalapa; probably because there are many more succulents to eat there… Regardless of size, they really are beautiful.

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