Garden Update

I’ve fenced the main garden plot to prevent Rusty’s indiscriminate digging and the neighborhood cats from using the garden as their dumping ground. After erecting the fence I transplanted the tomatoes and peppers into the plot.

The fence posts consist of the spines, I guess they would be called, from the palm fronds I scavenged from the back yard and lot next door. I wired the fronds to short lengths of rebar, also scavenged from the back yard, that I drove into the ground. The posts are braced with additional palm frond spines.

The watermelon plants in one bed have trailed out of the bed onto the ground of an area I cleared of vegetation as a landing area for the watermelon and cantaloupe vines.

This coming Wednesday will be the Winter solstice. So take heart you of the Northern climes.


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