U. S. Air Operations Against Iran and Syria?

CIA director Porter Goss reportedly has informed Turkey that the U. S. will possibly launch “air operations” against Iran and Syria. Goss reportedly cited Iran’s nuclear developments and it’s support for terrorism. Sound familiar?

Why, I ask, do U. S. authorities think the U. S. has the moral authority to tell Iran, or any other nation, that it can’t develop nuclear weapons? After all the U. S. has the largest nuclear weapons arsenal in the world; the U. S. is the only nation to ever have used nuclear weapons; and three U. S. allies, Israel, Pakistan, and India, are not signatories to the non-proliferation treaty.

I won’t ask why the U. S. policy makers think they have the moral authority to tell other nations they cannot possess chemical and biological weapons. The U. S., after all, poisoned Viet Nam, not to mention Korea, with chemical weapons to the point that even today Vietnamese children are borne with the most grotesques deformities imaginable; and it even today is raining chemical weapons on cocoa farmers and their children in South America.

Nor will I ask why U. S. leaders believe they have the moral authority to tell other nations they cannot support terrorists, considering that, even today, U. S. authorities are permitting anti-Cuban terrorists, who admittedly bombed hotels and a civilian airliner, to reside, unfettered, in the U. S.

I don’t think there is any mystery at all why Iran, North Korea, and perhaps other nations wish to develop nuclear weapons. If U. S. policy makers actually believed Iraq had nuclear weapons there probably would have been no invasion.

The U. S. is the most militarily aggressive nation on the face of the earth. Even before the fall of the Soviet Union there was no nation that had used its military to invade and subjugate more other sovereign nations than the U. S. Nuclear weapons are an effective deterrent against U. S. aggression.

Read the TurkishPress.com report here.


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