Pat Robertson Should be Institutionalized

The ultra whack job Pat Robertson again presumes to speak for God, in informing the whack jobs who attach any credibility to anything he has to say (not to mention who support his opulent lifestyle) that Sharon’s stroke is God’s punishment, just as was Rabin’s assassination.

If you’re interested in reading Robertson pronouncement you can read it here.

What’s more pathetic than Robertson’s presumption that he has the standing to speak for God are all of those pathetic individuals who watch his TV show, send him money, or attach any credibility to anything he has to say.

Which raises the question as to why Robertson hasn’t pronounced the recent Texas and Oklahoma wildfire as God’s punishment for one reason or another?



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3 responses to “Pat Robertson Should be Institutionalized

  1. Anonymous

    Institutionalized? Nah, he is good for demonstrating what a bunch of fruitcakes some of these religious nuts are. How can any serious person walk into a church that follows this guy and think he is representing god or God?

    I like Ron Paul too. Mostly for his financial thinking. He believes money should mean something. What is gold telling us today?


  2. You Know Me

    I don’t think any serious person could follow Pat Robertson and I don’t think any serious person does. I think those who send him money deserve every fleecing they get.

    Here’s a link to an article entitled “Did Jesus Christ Really Live”, which makes a convincing argument that he did not.

    As always, NL, thanks for your comments.

  3. life long harborite

    We have to keep the goofballs like Pat going. Did you notice how quickly GW distanced himself from Robertson? Of course its one nut case or the other.

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