No Wonder the Islamic World Hates Us

The statements of Senators Bayh, McCain and Lott in the CNN article illustrate the kind of U. S. attitude that engenders the Islamic worlds hatred toward the U. S. It’s regrettable that we killed 18 innocent Pakistanis, including five children, in bombing a home where an al Queda official was thought to be supping; but, as the incredibly stupid Bayh put it, “These people killed 3,000 Americans.” McCain’s and Lott’s comment were equally insensitive. But, hey, they’re only Muslims and probably have brown skin too. So what’s the problem.

Read the CNN article here.



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2 responses to “No Wonder the Islamic World Hates Us

  1. Onanite

    So true. I am really getting tired of the right wing bringing up 911 as an excuse for everything we do.

    The 911 terrorists were all SAUDIS. Of course we are not bombing Saudi Arabia… why? Well it’s all about the oil. Simple as that.

    We need to dump the fascist right wing in this country and support human rights and international law.

  2. You Know Me

    Welcome onanite,

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Though I also think the Iraq adventure (not to mention the future Iran adventure, once the military is rebuilt)about promoting Israel’s interests. Douglas Feith, whose office in the Pentagon cooked the intelligence and misdirected the “administration” of Iraq after its subjugation, is a committed Likudnik; and, if I’m not mistaken, is under investigation for passing “intelligence” to the Israelis and Iranians.

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