What a Surprise. Paul Bremer Lies.

It seems that in writing a book about oneself one would naturally be inclined to put the best spin on things. Paul Bremer, the first viceroy of the U. S.’’s newest colony, has produced a book of his experience totally screwing up Iraq; and rather than just spinning, he lies. What a surprise.

It was, you’’ll remember, Bremer’’s action in dismissing the entire Iraqi army that fed the insurgency and largely contributed to the depth of the morass into which Iraq has descended.

Bremer states in his book that he, and the rest of the Bush administration Straussian ““philosopher”” brain trust, did not anticipate the insurgency that has enveloped Iraq. He and the rest, most notably committed Likudnik Douglas Feith, didn’’t anticipate the insurgency because they are so consumed with unbridled hubris that they refused to listen to the likes of Juan Cole, Larry Johnson, and innumerable professional government Middle East experts who predicted an insurgency.

This article by Larry Johnson, former CIA employee and State Dept. counter terrorism official, calls bull shit on Bremer’’s assertion. It’’s not too long and well worth the read.


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