I Couldn’t Ask for a More Wonderful Landlord

My neighbor Joel and I have decided to buy a washing machine. Though laundry service here is very inexpensive, $8 – $10 peso per kilo, having a washing machine will be more convenient.

This past Tuesday our landlord Sr. Lopez Monsreal, a local attorney, was by so I asked if there would be any problem with installing a washing machine in a location where there is an existing outlet and a water spigot. He of course said there would be no problem. The next day, however, Sr. Lopez arrived with a plumber/electrician who was to determine what it would take to run electricity from both Joel’s and my apartments and to run hot and cold water piping to a location right outside my back door under the back porch roof. Sr. Lopez indicated it would be a better location for a washing machine as it is out of the weather.

So today, three days later, two fellows are here installing the water and electrical services.

Once again may I observe my good fortune. Having made arrangements with Sr. Lopez for my apartment over the internet last September, sight unseen and with no idea of its location, I am extremely fortunate to not only end up in a comfortable, well furnished apartment in a great location; but to also end up with such a wonderful landlord.

Last week I mentioned to Sr. Lopez that I intended to apply for a FM 3 visa, which permits residency for one year and may be renewed annually indefinitely. He told me to come by his office and he will provide whatever I need for the application and that he would gladly serve as one of my two required references.

Additionally, Joel recently bought a VW; and, without Joel asking, Sr. Lopez arranged for material to be brought in to expand the parking areas, even though there is already plenty of parking area. Only Joel and the Canadian couple have cars and there already exists places here for three or four cars to conveniently park.


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