I’m sure that both of my readers will be hanging upon Bush’s every word this evening as they listen, enrapt, to his State of the Union Address; and will be equally attentive to the words of the mercenary talking hairdos and propagandists that afterwards will tell you what the president just said and how well or poorly, depending upon their point of view, he said it. I’m kidding of course.

Presidential state of the union addresses, regardless of the presenter, are uniformly utter crap, enumerating a laundry list of wonderful things the presenter will do in the coming year, few of which will actually materialize. I suspect King George will take the opportunity this evening to cite the lurking terrorists in his never ending quest to scare the pants off of us so we will remain his obedient subjects.

It is amazing to me that even the insipid prime time TV offerings are preempted for the SOTUA, that the pundits are actually able to suppress their snickers as they pile even more crap upon the crap that just spewed from the president, and that anyone at all watches and/or listens.

I guess it should heartening that only 30% of the public watch the show; or, on the other hand, maybe it should be disheartening that 30% of the public tunes in.


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