More on the Plame Name Game

So now we learn that the CIA told Cheney and Libby that the Niger uranium story was phony before they started their mission to smear Ambassador Wilson, that White House email records were expunged, and that Libby “may have outed Plame on the orders of his ‘superiors.’” . Libby is apparently using the defense that he was only following orders to violate the law and jeopardize the CIA’s search for real WMDs, he effort in which Ms. Plame worked.

The problem for the White House is that Prosecutor Fitzgerald has been told of such, as he indicated in a letter of response to Libby’s attorney. Expunging records and lying is the same stuff that got Nixon impeached. Of course all this doesn’t matter much since Bush and his courtiers were able to stonewall the whole affair until after his reelection, which event then required phoneying up the Ohio results.

Read the “Raw Story” report here.


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