Further Inllustration Why To Not Trust Wikipedia Info

Anybody is able to write in Wikipedia anything they want about anybody or anything, whether ture or not.



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4 responses to “Further Inllustration Why To Not Trust Wikipedia Info

  1. Anonymous

    That Washington Post story was hilarious. Wikipedia is excellent for technical and scientific information, where people have less incentive to lie. For politics things are different.

  2. You Know Me

    I’m sure you’re correct that “people have less incentive to lie” about scientific matters than about political matters. However, to use the most obvious example, “creationists” or those promoting the faux science of I.D. certainly would have an incentive to create (no pun intended) mischief. Then there are those who might think they know something that they really don’t.

    I just think there are lots of reliable reference sources available through the internet without having to refer to Wikipedia through which anyone can post, or edit, anything they wish about anything.

  3. El Macho Grande

    The fact is that it doesn’t really happen that much. The great thing about the Wikipedia is exactly that: that anyone can share information by posting or editing on anything, but the database leaves a clear trail of the changes.

    The ID people are not that numerous or that bright. Some wealthy and deluded person is funding the Discovery Insitute in Seattle (probably a couple hundred thousand a year), but if you do a search, there’s only a tiny staff and a few publications.

    Fundamentalist Jesus freaks have burrowed into school boards throughout the land, and are causing local mischief. Federal courts have slapped down some of them (in PA), and I’m expecting others to follow suit.

  4. You Know Me

    El Macho,

    Welcome back. I see you’ve recovered your password.

    I can’t argue with what you say. I think that particularly since the news has spread around that anyone may enter anything they wish into Wikipedia such mischief may become more prevalant. Regardless I will continue to seek information elsewhere.

    It was heartening to see the voters in that town in PA (whose name I don’t recall and don’t feel like looking up)slapped 8 of the 9 board members from office before the court got to the morons. Hopefully voters in Kansas and elsewhere will act as wisely.

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