Working Gringos in Paradise

I found the “Yucatan Living” blog this morning when I did a Yahoo search (I avoid Google, as a matter of principle. You know me.) for “Merida Mexico tattoos”, which is a whole other story with which I won’t bore you at present.

The authors of the blog have lived here since 2002, calling themselves “dot bomb refugees”; operate their web site design business here in Merida; and post very interesting, well composed, information about the Yucatan and its varied environs and cultures.

Give it a read, and don’t forget the archives.


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One response to “Working Gringos in Paradise

  1. Working Gringos

    Hi Chris!

    Well, now that we’ve cross-linked each others’ blogs, yes, lets get =
    together. We’re obviously kindred spirits of some kind.

    We have a great cocina economica just around the corner…would you like =
    to come by our office for lunch one day this week?
    Wednesday would be the best day for us….

    email us at

    Hasta luego!

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