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Kat is living and teaching in Merida and has a great blog chronicling her experiences here in well composed narratives and wonderful photos. Check it out.

Kat also makes fine chili which I sampled at the Merida English Library’s cook off.



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2 responses to “KaTravels Blog

  1. KAT

    Tusen Takk, YNM. Making that chili was way fun– it got me out into Santa Ana in search of my red chili powder and my comino, and I love nothing better than an authentic reason to wander around… yes, a quest!

    The propieter of the stall where I bought my chili couldn’t help but comment that he’d seen many norteamericanos buying chili powder that week, what was that all about? I suddenly found myself describing our chili cookoff as a kind of tribal gathering, not quite communicating how different all of the chilis can be, or how it is that the very idea of a ‘chili cook-off’ brings all kinds of norteamericanos out of the woodwork.

  2. You Know Me

    Your encounter with the proprietor of the vendor stall is the type of experience that I so much enjoy here. I really enjoy my weekly visits to the Santa Ana market and to the Isstey store just up the street. You didn’t mention if you found comino, if not they have it at Isstey.

    I’m afraid I have no idea of what the first sentence of your message means.

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