Carnaval Parade Video

The Working Gringos have posted a pretty cool video of a portion of the final Carnaval 2006 parade at their Yucatan Living blog.

Check it out.



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4 responses to “Carnaval Parade Video

  1. El Macho Grande

    The link at “WG” doesn’t quite work. It just sends me back to “Ruminations… .”

  2. You Know Me

    My apologies El Macho, the problem should be resolved now. Thanks for poiting out the error.

    I am going right now down to the quality control department and kick some hung over ass.

  3. Sr. Luke De Lucas

    You’re right that is a great carnival of which I have yet to see the like of here.

  4. You Know Me

    An economic development idea the Chamber should pursue. The only problem is that Lent occurs at a rather inconvenient time, weather wise, for such revelry in Elma.

    An interesting aspect, I think, of the Carnaval here was that mass quantities of beer are consumed, at discounted prices, and there were those obviously drunk; but there was no trouble. There were lots of police present along the parade route, but they were unarmed and were just standing by in case of a problem.

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