Walter Cronkite on the Drug War

It would be nice if USA politicians dealt in reality and truth as does Walter Cronkite. Unfortunately such will never occur, as at least half the USA population prefers pandering from their politicians rather than truth; and as long as pandering sells that’s what we shall get.



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2 responses to “Walter Cronkite on the Drug War

  1. life long harborite

    Walter has been an outspoken opponent of our drug policy for many years. He as you know is also “the most trusted man in America”.
    Americans are stupid because they let the politicians and assholes in criminal justice sell them a bill of fear.

  2. You Know Me

    The so called drug war, as I know you know, has spawned an industry which lobbies for its propagation, eroded our civil liberties, criminalized lots of otherwise law abiding citizens, and caused police agencies to work on commissions of seized property.

    It’s another example of powerful interests farming the federal, state, and local treasuries for private gain at the great expense of individual liberty. A characteristic of fascism.

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