Inveterate Liars

Though it was all over the blogosphere before the commencement of our Liar in Chief’s Iraqi adventure that the federal Depts. Of Energy and State had informed Bush et al that the aluminum tube nonsense there were passing around was BS, here’s the proof.

Meanwhile our Liar in Chief declared four days after Katrina caused catastrophic damage to New Orleans and the Gulf Coast in general that “I don’t think anybody anticipated the breach of the levees”, despite the fact he was told of the possibility only a few days before.

The Bush administration has hung former FEMA director Michael Brown out to dry for its Katrina response failure, but a recently released video shows Brown specifically expressing to Bush and about to be fired Fatherland Security Dept. director Chertoff of his concerns that the levees would be breached and that there were not enough federal response personnel to deal with the needs of those in the Superdome.

UPDATE 3/5/06: The AP has issued a clarification indicating that Brown expressed his concern that the levees would be “overrun” not breached.

It seems also that inveterate lying is an important qualification to serve in the Bush administration, as Secretary of State Condoleeza “Mushroom Cloud” Rice repeatedly illustrates. Rice’s latest blatant lie came in comments on the Hamas victory in the Palestinian elections when se said “I don’t know anyone who wasn’t caught off guard by its very strong showing,”

Did the clueless Rice really think the world wouldn’t learn that her own State Dept. Bureau of Intelligence and Research, only ten days before her latest whopper, had presented her with poll results that indicated Hamas was running even with Fatah and that 52% of Palestians judged Hamas more qualified to end the corruption rampant in the Palestinian Authority, a leading concern of voters.

Why haven’t the Disaster in Chief and the Vice-disaster in Chief been impeached? And why in the world did about half of USA voters choose to reelect the lying crooks?

Oh, and did you see where Spike Lee has told Secretary Rice, “Condi, stop smoking that crack!”


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