Adele Ferguson – Coulter Wannabe

Anyone who doesn’t believe Adele Ferguson, syndicated columnist particularly familiar to those in Washington state, is a whack job from top to bottom should read her trope lecturing African Americans to be thankful that their forbears were brought to America as slaves, to quit whining about it, and to become Republicans.

You can read the column here, to which I was led, through a series of sites, from the Jesus General’s site.

Jesus General writes to congratulate Ms. Ferguson. If you don’t follow Jesus General, you’re missing some top notch humorous political commentary.



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2 responses to “Adele Ferguson – Coulter Wannabe

  1. El Macho Grande

    Hilarious. American’s need to laugh at these idtots more. That’s the way we knew the Vietnam War was over: when a majority of the public lost that frightening respect for authority that we are known for thoroughout the world.

  2. You Know Me

    Hilarious, indeed. But also frightening that newspapers subscribe to and legitimize the syndications of bigots like of Ferguson and Coulter.

    On the other hand we have media heroes like Helen Thomas, a link to whose commentary I have posted above.

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