Grover Norquist Laundered Money for Abramoff and Reed

Grover Norquist, for those who don’t know, every week hosts a conclave of about 100 top Washington D.C. republican congressional and administration staff and lobbyists. He used his organization, Americans for Tax Reform, to launder money for both to Jack Abramoff and Ralph Reed, who as Pat Robertson’s former Christian Coalition director lectured us about moral rectitude. Whatever moral impulses Reed may have possessed were long ago trumped by his greed. It is looking increasingly like both Norquist and Reed may both join Abramoff in prison.

Abramoff’s “lobbying” operation was retained by a number of Indian tribes with casino operations to lobby various state governments to deny other tribes authorization to begin gambling operations. Abramoff hired Reed to mount astroturf operations that would use his Christian soldiers to pressure the state governments to deny authorization for the non Abramoff client tribes to operate gambling operations. Reed, of course, couldn’t allow his good soldiers to learn that he was assisting tribes with gambling operations so Abramoff’s payments to Reed were laundered through Norquist organization.

Why isn’t the RICO stature being used against these amoral, greedy scum bags? They were organized and engaged in a continuing criminal enterprise.


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