Dick Cheney – Lunatic

Anyone who still doesn’t believe that Dick Cheney is a lunatic should read this Reuters report. Remember Cheney was in charge of the search for Bush’s vice-presidential candidate and selected himself. “Steady hand on the tiller…” without an oar in the water.

So we have a president who thinks God is telling him what to do and a vice-president who thinks he’s God. Who would have guessed that Bush was right. God really is telling him what to do.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Vice President Dick Cheney, a lightning rod for criticism about administration policies, on Sunday rejected the notion of resigning and said he would serve out his term.

“I made sure both in 2000 and 2004 that the president had other options. I mean, I didn’t ask for this job. I didn’t campaign for it. I got drafted,” Cheney said on CBS television’s “Face The Nation.”



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2 responses to “Dick Cheney – Lunatic

  1. Anonymous

    Cheney said:….”I made it clear from the outset that I’m not a candidate for president. I won’t run for president,” he said. “I’ve been very, very firm on that.”

    That’s pretty brave comment for a man who has an approval rating near single digits! Cheney – a certified fruitcake – would be impeached if something happened to Bush. I am of the impression that presidents today pick these fruitcakes as their running mates so they don’t get knocked off by their enemies.


  2. You Know Me

    Pretty brave and pretty stupid. I don’t think Cheney appeals to the religous right which largely controls the nominating process.

    I think we’re more likely to see George Allen or Sam Brownback nominated, but it’s very early and have a very lousy track record at such predicitions.

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