Barbara Bush Earmarks Katrina Relief Donation to Son Neil

This is unbelievable. It seems that even Barbara Bush has an ethical tin ear.



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2 responses to “Barbara Bush Earmarks Katrina Relief Donation to Son Neil

  1. moonrock

    barbara bush is the most horrible women on the planet…..down right evil….and the washington post is most certainly pandering to the party…….

    the world has gone to hell….


  2. You Know Me


    Please do not despair, while the USA is a part of the world that has gone to hell, not the entire world has.

    I agree with your appraisal of Barbara Bush. I think it is interesting that she largely raised GDub and the others, while George Sr. began working for the CIA under the cover of Zapata Offshore oil exploration company in the late 1950s and though his kiss up the political ladder.

    Perhaps her ruthlessness and questionable ethics rubbed off on Gdub, who worked with Lee Atwater (who divine retribution, I like to think, was a fatal brain tumor) on the infamous Willie Horton ad and who in 2000 smeared McCain in South Carolina by, as I recall, perpetrating the rumor that McCain had an illegitimate African-American daughter. A rumor that proved effective amongst the religious right whackos, secured Bush a win in the S.C. primary, and turned his campaign around.

    There was also son Neil’s looting of an Colorado S&L during the 1980s.

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