I Think This Is Pretty Amazing

A couple weeks ago I noticed that some corn had been spilled onto the sidewalk in front of this house on Calle 62 I frequently walk past.

Yesterday afternoon I noticed this corn plant growing out of an area where the curb has broken away. During the time between when the corn was spilled until the plant sprouted there had been no rain here.

This plant illustrates how well things grow here, despite sometimes serious challenges, like no water and vehicle exhaust from heavy traffic, as is this case. I often see plants growing from small mortar crevices, out of the roofs of buildings, or like the beautiful flowering plant growing out of the patio.

This case, however, is truly amazing. More Merida magic.



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3 responses to “I Think This Is Pretty Amazing

  1. Anonymous

    On Paseo Montejo, there is a monument that has a Moses in the Cradle growing in what looks like a perfectly smooth surface about 3 meters up. It looks like a giant spider climbing up the obolisk.


  2. You Know Me

    Hi Theresa,

    Thanks for checking in and for your comment. Which monument? I’ll have to check it out, then I’ll learn what a Moses in the Cradle is.

    You probably also noticed the tree growing up the side of the now demolished house on Paseo Montejo, with the roots extending 2 stories up the side of the house and the tree growing from the roof level.

    I kept intending to stop by for a photo but by the time I finally got around to it the house had been pushed over.

  3. Anonymous

    Oh, I loved that one, my friend took a picture of it when she was here visiting last year. It’s that statue on an obelisk, I can’t remember who it honors, it’s near the American Consulate. If you are heading south (assuming that Montego runs north and south), you will be facing it, now I have to double check the name the next time we drive by.
    Some of the ficus will grow up the walls of houses here and sprout a tree at the top. It looks pretty neat.


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