The Fun Folks at Chevrolet

The folks at Chevrolet have put up a web site where you can build your own Tahoe SUV ad. I suggest you hurry before Chevy pulls the sight down. Thanks to Kevin Drum at Washington Monthly blog for posting the link of the Chevy site.

Here’s mine.



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2 responses to “The Fun Folks at Chevrolet

  1. El Macho Grande

    Thanks. That’s hilarious. My favorite is the yellow gas cap (under “More Responsible”), showing that supposedly you can burn gasoline and ethanol mixtures. That was featured in the big GM commercial for the Super Bowl, with Kermit the Frog (tagline, “I Guess It Is Easy Being Green”). I’ll never watch Sesame Street again!

    It’s politicians’ favorite solution, because it allows them to spread federal subsidies around freely, but it doesn’t help energy wise or environment-wise.

  2. You Know Me

    I’m glad I could ad a bit of levity to your day. Any guesses on how long the web site will be functional? I’m guessing lots of not very complimentary ads will be spreading across the internet.

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