I watched this Iguana walk down the wall of the bus garage across the back yard wall until it came to the ledge where it sat sunning itself.

Iguana have as of late been devouring the leaves of my young watermelon and cantaloupe plants. The vegetation is pretty dry here these days, so I imagine the Iguana find the well water garden plants quite delectable.

I have sprayed an infusion of garlic, hot pepper, and dish soap on the young plants to hopefully preserve the plants.



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2 responses to “Iguanas

  1. Working Gringoshttp://www.yucatanliving.com

    Yech! Making those poor iguanas eat dish soap! How sad.

    If you use toothpicks and apple slices to make attractive female iguana manikins, and play some trova music, you might be able to divert them…

  2. You Know Me

    I know, the Iguana have it hard enough having to lie around in the sun to stay warm and eluding the healthy neighborhood population of cats. And as though such indignities aren’t enough, El Gringo Loco comes along and encroaches into their habitat trying to grow fruits and vegetables.

    I figure the garlic/pepper concoction is a humane means of dissuading them from eating my plants. I suppose I could begin feeding the neighborhood cats; but then I’d have to bury the Iguana carcasses and if one does not get the carcass buried within one day of death, I have learned, the burial becomes a most objectionable task.

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