Those who know El Gringo Loco well know that I prefer to make my own soap. I find simple soap composed of only vegetable shortening, water, and lye preferable to the store bought variety with fragrances and other additives.

The supply of home made soap I brought with me, some made from lamb fat, was seized by very apologetic Mexican customs agents who were unsure of the propriety of permitting its entry. Since arriving here I have been searching unsuccessfully for a source of lye, until earlier this week when I hit the jackpot.

Monday I bussed to the huge central market to buy grass seed for my front yard improvement project. I have removed the weeds, excavated what soil exists there, removed the stones, and will plant the grass seed.

While in the market area, as someone once suggested lye is carried by veterinary supply stores, I asked in such a store if they carried sodio hidroxido or sodio caustico. The staff answered no and suggested I try at the farm supply store up the street, which I did. The staff there also answered no and suggested I try another veterinary supply store. After zig zagging back and forth, up and down the street, going from store to store, following the suggestions of the staff of the stores I visited, I was directed to a particular pharmacy where I was able to purchase a kilo of lye for 17.5 pesos.

I now have replenished my supply of home made soap.



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2 responses to “Soap

  1. mb

    el gringo loco gave me his extra supply of soap before he left………it is fabulous………better for the skin than any other soap I have used and excellent for cleaning my oil painting brushes……I tried his recipe last weekend… was very easy……..But I think the cost might be a wash….between homemade and store bought….


  2. You Know Me

    I’m glad you like the soap. I think, given the price of lye, shortening and store bought soap here, the home made variety is less espensive.

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