Republican Lawrence Wilkerson Speaks the Truth

What good does a two party system do the citizenry of the USA when the opposition party provides no opposition, particularly to the egregious acts of King George and his courtiers?

With a few notable exceptions, federally elected democrats have had little to say about the lies, abuses, monumental corruption, and extreme radicalism of the Bush administration. Nationally prominent democrats, such as presidential aspirants Kerry, Clinton, and Edwards, in fact, had nothing at all to say about the administration’s outrages until, in the wake of its Katrina response debacle, the main stream media turned on Bush, his poll numbers plummeted, and it became politically acceptable to criticize the administration.

Attempting to regain majority party status, the democrats spend their time developing marketing campaigns in attempts to rebrand their party, rather than speaking truth to the USA public. I guess just like it took Nixon to go to China, it takes a republican to speak the truth about the extreme damage Bush et al are doing to the country.

Last Sunday, in a Baltimore Sun commentary, republican Lawarence Wilkerson, Colin Powell’s longtime aide, says what the generally feckless, gutless national democrats should have been saving to the public for the last 5 years.


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