The Woeful USA Senate

A USA Senate committee has spent seven months considering the federal government’s botched response to hurricane Katrina and has determined that FEMA should be disbanded. The report recommends nothing more than bureaucratic reshuffling the deck chairs. Further evidence that the Senate is populated by incompetents.

Those with memories will remember that President Bush Sr. had appointed a crony to head FEMA and the agency badly botched the response to a catastrophic hurricane that struck Florida. Was it Hugo?

President Clinton recognized the need to appoint a competent disaster response professional to head FEMA and appointed James Witt. During Witt’s tenure FEMA earned deserved accolades for its responses to various disasters.

So because Bush Jr. returned to the practice of appointing unqualified cronies to head the nation’s primary emergency response agency, which subsequently badly botched its Katrina response, Senators tell us FEMA should be scrapped.

We know the federal government is our only government with the resources to deal with major disasters and we know that with competent leadership FEMA can provide effective disaster response. This senate report provides further evidence that the senate is populated by incompetents.


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