Bolivia Joins Axis of Evil

Look for “Mother Hen”” Rice and the other purveyors of USA propaganda to ratchet up their war of words against Bolivia and its democratically elected president, Evo Morales; and to declare Bolivia an official partner in the Latin America division of the “Axis of Evil”, along with Cuba and Venezuela.

Morales has announced the nationalization of the countries natural gas resources, second in volume in South America only to those of Venezuela, and the USA response will illustrate the primary objective of USA foreign policy – the maintenance of multi-national corporate access to and control over foreign resources and markets.

Morales joins Castro and Chavez on my list of heroes who spit in the face of the USA economic hegemonic ambitions; and George Bush, its latest proponent. Morales has also spit in the face of the dumb asses managing the USA “War on Drugs” by advocating the Bolivian coca industry upon which much of the peasant population depends for its livelihood.

I give heroic honorable mention to Lula da Silva in Brazil and Kirchner in Argentina for loosening the economic hold of the multi-nationals, but am withholding my judgment of true heroic status until they begin spitting. I am also hoping for an AMLO victory in July.

Give ’em hell President Morales.



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2 responses to “Bolivia Joins Axis of Evil

  1. El Macho Grande

    Dude, It’s coca, not “cocoa.” Sounds like nestle’s Quik

  2. You Know Me

    Thanks for the correction.

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